"If architecture is frozen music, then music is crystallized emotion."

Recent Projects -

This project is a total sound replacement to a piece of Crysis 2 gameplay footage that I completed as a part of Jeff Schmidt's class held at Pyramind. He pushed us to take a thorough approach to designing assets and to create multiple versions of each sound for game implementation. After recording and designing in Pro Tools and Logic, I used FMOD Designer to help produce variation through randomizing and blending sounds together.

When I started making the Portal Remix, I had never even played Portal or Portal 2. While I'm sure that sounds backwards, this project got started by Chris Lum showing me some of Pogo's Disney remixes. I decided I wanted to try a video remix, but with a game focus instead. Fortunately, a friend steered me towards working with Portal 2 and away from Dead Space, which I was considering. I still think that might make a great next remix... if screams can be considered musical.
July 4th, 2011

July 10, 2011

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